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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

The Ecocenter Escarpas do Caraça operates in the areas of Geography, Environmental Analysis, Tourism and Environmental Education.


In the Geography area, we work mainly on issues related to its physical aspects and in particular in the fields of geomorphology:

- Geomorphology Studies dynamics, structural and tectonic in different scales and for different purposes: earthquake-tectonics evaluation, sensitivity studies or erosion risks, quantification of water erosion, erosion control plans, specific geomorphological mapping, among others;

- Full diagnostics in Physical Geography, Predictor for Physical Medium environmental studies, among others.

Environmental Analysis

In the area of ​​environmental analysis, we work on issues related to integrated views of the environment and the Landscape: Integrated environmental analysis, diagnostic Geoenvironmental mapping and prognostic environmental alternative studies to executive projects, READING AND INTERPRETATION OF LANDSCAPE, environmental education projects, among others.


In the tourism area, we operate in studies that focus on the territorial dimension of the phenomenon: Development Plan for Sustainable Tourism, tourist signs, tourist potential studies, interpretive signage plans for UC, s or cities, Ecotourism projects and Geotourism, among others.

Environmental Education

In the area of ​​environmental education, we work with really holistic and transformative purpose vision, well away from the usual practice that limits the speech to complaints and descriptions devoid of technical and/or scientific basis. Our performances incorporate obligatorily field activities where we develop demonstrations and discussions that aim at achieving the boundaries of transdisciplinarity.